How does Elterntalk work?

In everyday life with children, parents are constantly faced with new questions.
How much time a week do children and young people spend with mobile phones, game consoles and in front of the television?
Where can I get information?

Challenges in everyday parenting are part of family life. What rules are important and where do you set limits? How can we support children in growing up well? How do other parents do it?

At a parents' talk, parents can exchange ideas with other parents about these topics, clarify questions together and support each other!

We want to give exchange a space

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Parents as experts

Elterntalk is aimed at all parents of children up to the age of fourteen.
The discussion groups take place in a private setting and are led by facilitators who are mothers and fathers themselves. They introduce the topic and encourage the participants to share their own experiences using picture cards.

Mothers and fathers should be strengthened in their parenting skills and responsibilities.
Elterntalk is free of charge and can be performed in different languages.